How to use

[ First step ]

1. When to buy

From the recommended videos "View more / Search for videos", please search for videos on "Video List" page. If you like it by looking at "sample videos" and detailed information, you can put it in the "cart" and purchase it. Credit cards can be used. Membership registration is required to make a purchase.

2. Membership registration: Membership is required to purchase and sell videos.
1) Press “Registration” on the top page (If you proceed to the cart before member registration, you will jump to the member registration screen at that stage)
2) After confirming the Terms of Use, scroll down and press "Agree to the Terms of Use and Next"
3) Enter your e-mail address on the next page and "Send"
4) Click on the URL sent to your email, enter the password on the password setting screen and press "Register"
5) Enter your nickname and date of birth on the profile information entry screen and click "Confirm"
6) "Update" on the next page

◇ You can purchase videos with this. If you would like to sell videos, please do the following (can be registered later) ◇

7) Press "Becoming a Seller member"  from the "Setting change" of "My page"
8) Enter your real name and phone number on the application content registration screen and press "confirm"
9) "Update" on the application content confirmation screen

3. When to sell

Once registered as a " Seller member", take a selfie with the "sample video" and "image" for promotion that you can see for free and "video" you want to sell, and enter the title, fee, and other information and post. Daily sales are checked on My Page, and if it accumulates to a certain extent, "Transfer request" will be made to obtain the amount of income.

4. When you watch the video you bought

You can view it from "Purchase History" on "My Page". Evaluation can also be performed from "Purchase history details".

[Setting at the time of shooting, preparation]

When shooting with a smartphone, you may not be able to post due to over capacity if you leave the default settings. Please reduce the size in the following settings and post.
-For iPhone: Settings icon-> Camera-> Video shooting-> Check to 720p HD / 30 fps
-For Android: Drop the image quality below 720 pHD as well.

When shooting, please take a picture with the smart phone on the side and the button to the right. Use the left button to shoot towards yourself.

[Size and corresponding format of videos that can be posted and sold]

The sample video is about 15 seconds (25 MB or less) with the iphone (720p HD / 30 fps), and the "video for sale" is about 90 seconds (135 MB or less). It is almost the same with Android (720 pHD). If you reduce the resolution on a PC etc., you can post up to the maximum capacity regardless of the time (For example, save the movie by lowering the resolution with Windows Movie Maker).
Correspondence Format is mp4, mov. Please convert the video of wmv etc. to mp4 using the following converter etc. and post it.
In addition, you can not send products created and edited on a PC to a smartphone and register products from the smartphone. Therefore, please register a product created and edited on a PC from a PC. Also, mp4 videos with PSP.MP4 (Playstation Portable) specifications can not be exhibited.

[How to Submit Video]

1) Shoot and save the "video" you want to sell
2) Shoot and save "Sample Video" (free version for PR)
3) Take and save the "Title image" that you want to use for the introduction screen
4) From the “Upload video” in “My page” (Seller member registration is still registered if), upload the video name, video summary, category, sales price and 1) 2) 3) file, post registration.


[Contents of videos that can be uploaded]

The "Videos for sale ", "Sample videos" and "Title images" that can be exhibited are videos corresponding to the Japan Commercial Broadcasting Federation broadcast standards (that can be broadcast on TV). The video is for the seller to take a selfie and has all rights to the content including the music used etc. When the other than the subject is the subject, the seller holds all rights such as the sales permission. It is limited. If we find a video that we deem inappropriate, regardless of the content, we may stop browsing, sell and pay, hold it or hold a limited sale video.


[Site Fee]

It is 30% of the sales charge (we may change in the future). The seller can apply for the transfer if the balance of the sales commission after deduction is 3,000 yen or more, and the company transfers the transfer fee to the designated account after the transfer fee is deducted. Transferable income will be reflected by 60 days after the longest sales.

[Number of videos that can be uploaded]

Up to 10 videos can be posted at any time on a per capita basis. Videos posted by sellers may be deleted for 90 days without income. If you want to continue posting, it is possible to continue by purchasing by the seller itself (For example, if our sales fee is 30%, if you do not consider the transfer fee, continue at a burden of 30 yen by purchasing for 100 yen) It is possible to do

[Payment method at purchase]

Credit cards can be used.


[Trouble between users]

This service is a free market service, with regard to sales contracts between users, postings, warrants such as purchases, and related rights, it is the responsibility of the users of the parties to be responsible for itself, and we do not sell or sell themselves, It is not a thing. We are not involved in the execution of transactions such as cancellation, cancellation, cancellation or return, refund, guarantee of the sales contract, but when taking measures to stop all payment of the seller at the time of trouble and problem video sales. 


[Use of minors]

As this site is a free market service, the contract of a minor requires the consent of a parent. It is prohibited for minors to use free market by Japanese law. 


Please read the “Terms of use” for more information.